Background Information
The City of Richmond Hill, as part of their Resilient Richmond Hill initiative, aims to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and create further awareness of climate change within the city. They wanted to create a toolkit for residents to download and use to talk to the people in their lives about climate change.
The Process
The toolkit was created using a co-design methodology, and involved residents from the city of Richmond Hill, directly consulting with them at every step of the creation of the toolkit, and allowing them to guide the content and design. Through this process, a focus group of participants worked together to co-create the content for the document and co-design the booklet itself. In my role, I presented a few different design direction options, and the group selected one to go with for the final document. I worked to create the graphics, the layouts, and put everything together into the final product, all under contract to The Public Studio.
You can find and download the entire guide here.
The Project
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