Background Information
This project was completed while working at Urbane Cyclist. As a shop serving a wide customer base, there are a ton of different bikes available, and for people new to the world of bikes, it can be very intimidating to know what you need, and what you want.  I created this data visualization to help customers evaluate bikes against their needs independently, and to serve as a visual aid for sales staff. I also wrote this accompanying blog post, explaining the differences between road bikes, mountain bikes, and gravel bikes.
THE Process
Bikes sold at the shop were evaluated based on their material composition, tire size, and frame geometry and ranked based on their suitability for road cycling applications and mountain biking applications. The radial lines demonstrate where they lie on this ranking. The bikes' carrying capacity and distance capability were also evaluated to determine their suitability for bike touring, indicated here with bold colour text. There are two visualizations here, one for drop bar bikes, and another for flat bar bikes.
I hope this helps you learn something about bikes, their applications, and which bikes are suitable for which types of riding! And if you fail to learn anything from it, I hope at least that you think it looks neat.
The Project
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