Background Info
Charlie's FreeWheels is a youth-focused non-profit cycling organization working in the Moss Park and Regent Park neighbourhoods to empower youth through bicycle education. The core of their programming is the Build-A-Bike program, teaching young folks from ages 12 - 25 how to build their own bike from the frame up. I completed the program in 2018 and built my bike there, along with receiving additional bike mechanic training.
The Process
I worked at Charlie's FreeWheels as the Communications Lead, working on their social media, website, newsletter, shop, posters and print work, teaching curriculum, and photography from May 2021 til September 2022. In addition to the communications work, also assisted with leading the Build-A-Bike classes, leading the Bike Scouts program, communicating with other cycling community organizations, performing repairs at mobile repair events, providing assistance to youth during open shop hours, and leading and sweeping group rides.​​​​​​​
The Project
Here are three t-shirt designs I created during my time there! ​​​​​​​
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