Background Info
Little One is the name of my sixteen-year-old pet chinchilla. I've had her since she was eleven!​​​​​​​
The Process
Little One turned 16 years old in April of 2022. To celebrate her Sweet Sixteen, I built her a video game and a website. You can check out the entire site and sign her guestbook below, and try out the game for yourself too, or visit her on Instagram to see what she's up to.
The video game is a small multi-room puzzle game with 2-frame animations and 8-bit pixel art. The goal is to help Little One get to a Sweet Sixteen party her chinchilla friends are throwing for her! In the game, you walk through a maze, talk to other characters, collect toys and treats, learn about chinchilla care, and collect a key in order to progress to a party room, where you can interact with many different characters and objects,  before finally entering the final screen and being able to restart.
Game principles demonstrated in this project are HTML and CSS coding, pixel art, animation, sprite design, puzzle design, game room layout, maze design, narrative design, and writing.
If you played the introductory game on the homepage of my website (which it's not too late to go back and check out, if you haven't yet!), this project builds on those principles, while also adding a multi-room format, adding collectible items, using a locked door and key system, and creating a restart scene and ending sequence. It was super fun to work on!
The website is a super simple landing page with a brief introduction, a guestbook, the game I created, and a gallery of photos of Little One. I also used did a bit of branding work, creating a single-line minimalist illustration, and selecting a colour palette.
The Project
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